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The Folk Agency Realtors, Inc. 601 Higgins Ave.Brielle, NJ 08730
Office: (732) 528-7666 Fax: (732) 223-0477 info(at)folkagency(dotted)com

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Careers at the Folk Agency

A unique company…

In the very heart of the historic waterfront town of Brielle, there is a real estate company that stands alone in its reputation as the trusted source for the most captivating and sought after properties at the New Jersey shore.

The Folk Agency, and its uncommon people, have earned their success through the continuing, well-deserved respect and trust of local residents, day after day, year after year since 1920. Through forward thinking and innovative leadership, they have shown a keen ability to stay focused on those things that truly matter to people in this unique market place.

Local values…

Broker Heidi Wittenberg is quick to point out, “We are a small ’boutique-style’ company by design. We are well known here, and we are able to continue our success because of our strategic ability, as an independent firm, to act quickly and decisively when needed. We know the people here, we know the market, and we are closely attuned to local traditions and values. Nothing gets lost in the corporate shuffle here. People really tend to notice that and appreciate the distinct difference in the way we are able to serve them.”

Special People…

Anyone who has ever visited The Folk Agency will tell you, it is the people you meet there who make the experience truly memorable. From all you observeĀ there, you will sense that they have been very carefully selected to actively contribute to the upbeat professional atmosphere that The Folk Agency is proud to be known for. As Heidi says, “We have a positivley charged spirit of friendly cooperation here in the office. You can count on my apperciation for that and my respect for everyone in the office when I am considering adding a new agent to the fold. If they don’t fit in, nothing else matters. They don’t come aboard.”

A learning culture…

This very special office is alive with an energy that is fostered by the learning and personal growth-oriented culture. Heidi is passionate about moving forward with innovative ideas, useful strategies and systems that have a dynamic impact. She is committed to the premise that people and relationships are too valuable to leave personal and professional growth to chance. There is an uncommon emphasis on success-oriented training and agent business-building strategies.

The “coach approach”…

With the right systems, the right tools and the right culture in place, you might appreciate the added value that having the right guide would have in keeping your business on track. The Folk Agency’s in-house mentoring and coaching program guarantees a professional approach to building a business in which every agent is encouraged to reach their full potential and achieve a rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

Is The Folk Agency for me?

Well, maybe. According to Heidi, “We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial mindset…people who are willing to invest in building their own business under the umbrella of an innovative successful company with a secure, long-established reputation in the area. You must be willing to learn and seek to improve yourself so you can become more and live and work at your professional best. You must appreciate the value of working in an office you can be proud of, with people who know how to make work fun. If anything you have read here resonates with your values and beliefs, you should probably give us a call.

Who do I get in touch with?

No one enjoys sharing a passion for real estate more than Heidi Wittenberg. Whether you are an experienced agent looking for a new opportunity, or you are exploring the possibility of a new career, Heidi welcomes your call and honors your desire for confidentiality. Call 732-528-7666, and let’s talk!