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The Folk Agency Realtors, Inc. 601 Higgins Ave.Brielle, NJ 08730
Office: (732) 528-7666 Fax: (732) 223-0477 info(at)folkagency(dotted)com

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A love affair with the shore area since 1920
The Folk Agency’s story spans four generations and shows how this unique company, and its uncommon people, continue to impact the shore real estate market, day after day, year after year.
A comfortable environment….
Simply step inside this landmark building and your very first feeling is one of being comfortable. The warmth of a fireplace sets the tone, historic prints and photos line the walls and an antique or two confirm that this is an office with solid character. You immediately notice a positive, friendly energy in the air. The atmosphere is professional, the people are busy, and yet, there is an ease of manner and an un-hurried approach as the agents talk with their clients and with each other. Then it hits you – this is exactly what a professional, confident, and successful real estate office feels like.

A proud heritage…
Desirable as it is, a culture this unique and engaging isn’t created just because someone wanted it that way. What you see and feel here is the result of four generations of principled leadership, each forging its own distinct imprint on this company’s enduring success.
Founded by Howard N. Folk in the historic waterfront community of Brielle in 1920, The Folk Agency soon became known as the source for the most accurate and trusted information about shore area real estate. The second generation to operate the business, Howard’s son Jack and his wife Marylou, became local legends for their uncanny ability to effectively match the unique properties in this rapidly growing area with the perfect blend of eager buyers. In 1978 Fred Wittenberg purchased the company from Jack and Marylou Folk and became the third generation of leadership.

 A unique perspective…
The strong and engaging office culture that you experience at The Folk Agency today is a direct reflection  of the personal and  business values of Heidi Wittenberg, who became the fourth generation Broker of Record upon the retirement of her Father, Fred Wittenberg in 2010.  For almost 100 years the  principled, value-based leadership has been recognized and respected both inside and outside the real estate industry. Heidi  understands that the  reputation and continuing success of the company is clearly dependent upon the success and reputation of  the  agents affiliated with the office. As the forward-thinking proud Broker of a non-franchised firm, she has  had the freedom to assemble  a hand-picked, upbeat group of local real estate professionals. These are  people who have minds for business and truly enjoy a  passion for sharing their love of living the “shore lifestyle.” They embrace the opportunity to build worthwhile careers, surrounded  by like-minded people in a positive and fun learning environment.The insider’s choice…
Those who know local real estate best have chosen The Folk Agency since 1920. Before you make your next move, be sure to call one of their local experts and find out why it pays to place your trust with the “Insider’s Choice.”